The Leading Public
Affairs Group
in Central Europe

CEC Group is the leading independent public affairs agency and network in Central Europe, offering integrated public affairs, strategic communications, analytical and intelligence services to multinational clients across a full range of industrial and commercial sectors, including but not limited to Energy & Climate, Digital & Technology, Pharma & Healthcare, Financial Services, FMCG, Mobility & Infrastructure, and Defence & Security.

We advise on your political operating environment in the region, and work to protect your investment and business models from legislative, regulatory and reputational disruption.

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Decision making is increasingly complex, and our services reflect the need for successful public affairs campaigns to bring together narrowly-defined government relations with communications and digital campaigning, based on regulatory awareness and analytically-driven intelligence.

We provide our services both in-house and in collaboration with a trusted network of affiliates and associate service providers.

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Marek Matraszek
Chairman, CEC Group

Marek Matraszek is Chairman of the CEC Group, having co-founded CEC in the early 1990s. He now chairs the Group’s regional activities, and currently oversees its growth into new product areas and client sectors, and manages its international brand and network positioning. His experience covers most industrial sectors, and he has special expertise in Defence, Aerospace and Security.

Michał Koczalski
Chief Executive Officer, Poland

Michał Koczalski is the CEO of the Warsaw office of CEC, where he manages the company’s operations and oversees strategic projects. He has substantial experience advising on, building and executing corporate public affairs strategies, especially in the energy and environmental sectors

Claudie-Marie Smoleń
Chief Talent Officer, Poland

Claudie-Marie Smolen is the Chief Talent Officer at the CEC Group in Warsaw. She is currently in charge of the Human Resources function within the Warsaw office. During her career at CEC, Claudie-Marie successfully conducted over 50 projects of strategic political communications for clients representing a wide scope of sectors. She was also responsible for managing relationships with CEC’s Brussels and international partner agencies and networks.

Vaclav Nekvapil
Managing Partner, Czechia

Vaclav is the Managing Partner of the Prague office of CEC. His public affairs expertise is especially strong in ICT, financial services, EU affairs, defence, transport, FMCG, third party outreach and building relations with stakeholders.

Natalia Lasakova
Consultant, Czechia

Natalia Lasakova is a Consultant at the CEC Prague office. Prior to joining CEC, Natalia worked in a public affairs firm in Canada helping clients in infrastructure, clean energy and environment sectors. In Canada Natalia was also a member of the Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN) Toronto Chapter and developed a public speaking training program for WIN Canada.

Tamas Sardi
Managing Partner, Hungary

Tamas is the Managing Partner of the Budapest office of CEC. CEC Hungary has special expertise in the IT & Telecom, Tobacco, Retail, Energy, Defence, Health & Pharma, Public Procurement, Environment, Utilities, FMCG and Finance sectors.

Dr. Dóra Almási
Head of Digital, Hungary

Dóra has over fifteen years of experience with CEC, heading accounts for IT, energy and transport clients. She has an International Relations Master degree from the Gyula Andrássy German Speaking University of Budapest, and is also a graduate from the Faculty of Law at Loránd Eötvös University. Dóra also studied at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin and in the US at the University of New Mexico.

Patrik Zoltvany
Managing Partner, Slovakia

Patrik is the Managing Partner of the Bratislava office of CEC, supported by a team of Slovak nationals. CEC Slovakia has special expertise in Automotive, Competition Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy, Environment, Foreign Direct Investment, Finance, Food & Consumers, Health & Pharma, IT & Telecom, Public Procurement and Transport.

Natalia Mileszyk
Director, Digital & Technology, Poland

Natalia Mileszyk is head of CEC’s Digital & Technology practice in Poland, with an in-depth understanding of tech sector regulation and experience in public affairs both in Poland and the European Union. A lawyer by education, she graduated from Warsaw University and Central European University in Budapest (LL.M.).

Roberto Musneci
Senior Partner, Serban & Musneci Associates, Romania

Roberto is co-founder of and senior partner in Serban & Musneci Associates, a Bucharest-based consultancy specializing in public affairs, public relations and reputation management. He has 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in Eastern Europe, and is a former President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

Erika Terzi
HR & Compliance Manager, Romania

An engineer by profession, Erika Terzi has worked at Serban & Musneci Associates since 2007, undertaking client consulting, managing human resources and developing the ISO Compliance Consulting practice. Erika is the lead auditor and implementer for ISO 37001:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 19600:2014, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018.

Natko Vlahovic
CEO, Vlahovic Group, Croatia

Natko Vlahovic is the Founder and Managing Director of Vlahovic Group LLC, the first specialised government relations and lobbying firm in Croatia. Natko is also a Co-founder and Managing Director of the Croatia-EU Business Council, and President of the Croatian Lobbying Association and an Untitled Governor at the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia.

Joanna Rakowska
Director, Pharma & Healthcare, Poland

Joanna is head of CEC Warsaw’s Pharma and Healthcare practice, preparing and implementing strategies for the pharmaceutical sector, medical equipment producers, and healthcare providers. She is a graduate of Public Health at the Department of Health Sciences, Warsaw Medical University and finished her postgraduate studies in Pharmacoeconomics at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.


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Our work for US and UK companies means that we are subject to the requirements of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act, and we apply strict compliance principles to our own work and our relations with third-party suppliers.
We also actively promote ethical business practices, transparency of decision-making and high standards for public affairs activities.

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