The “old school” public affairs template of arranging political meetings is fast being replaced by the need for dynamic, real time policy communication with legislators, influencers, media and broader social audiences. As social media and the technology of politics and decision-making intertwine, digital narratives are increasingly defining the policy agenda.

CEC Campaigns, our dedicated digital communications team, already have an impressive track record of campaigns that seamlessly bring together traditional public affairs techniques with new forms of stakeholder interaction across platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, including virtual reality, in order to deliver advocacy results. They will work with you from the beginning to design innovative engagement strategies that deliver returns on your communication investments as well as create, coordinate, evaluate and refine content to deepen your stakeholder engagement.

Mobilizing support for your aims at grass-roots level adds considerably to the credibility and legitimacy of your case. CEC Campaigns works with corporations and non-profits looking for innovative approaches to grassroots mobilization, CSR, employer branding, education, and issue advocacy. Our team helps you will unlock the influence of think-tanks, grassroots pressure groups, online activists and analogue thought-leaders, both in the realm of institutional politics and targeted online presence.


In Poland, the Council of Nurses and Midwives faced the dramatic challenge of a shortage of nursing care for Polish patients, anticipated in five years’ time. Our solution was to design an educational campaign showing its impact on Polish society and encouraging the public to support nurses and midwives.

Our activities involved building a coalition of NGOs, politicians, trade unions, local authorities, universities and the Church. We developed a website with data illustrating the problem with an e-petition to sign, and generated publicity on Facebook and Twitter. Three video spots were shown online and on major TV stations, together with a Virtual Reality spot and fifteen press conferences.

The outcome was 500,000 signatures collected for a petition, support on social media from decision-makers, journalists and opinion leaders, and multiple press and television pieces culminating in the signing by the Minister of Health of a recommendation to begin work on a government programme to ensure access to nursing and midwifery services.

Our “The Final Shift” campaign won the prestigious Interel Global Partnership Public Affairs Award in 2016 – see a summary of the campaign here.