The ability to influence is contingent on knowing who and when to influence – which can come only through understanding and tracking the complexities of the legislative and regulatory process. CEC Regulatory allows you to have early warning of regulatory changes at national and European level which might affect your operations. We have invested in the ability to monitor the decision-making process both in government and parliament, through a range of on-line tools and expert analysis. At the same time, we have access to lawyers and legislative specialists who are able to analyse specific acts of parliament, ministerial decrees and regulatory decisions and identify the risks you might face, as well as explaining the process of revision and consultation that will allow you to state your case. We also have the ability to prepare draft provisions, as well as entire legal acts along with a justification of the proposed legislative solutions.

Our Regulatory services can be delivered ad hoc, or as ongoing monitoring, allowing you to decide when to act before your business model faces possibly permanent disruption.


The rapid expansion of technology platforms into Central Europe has created pressure on national legislators from domestic interests, with competing lobbies related to the preferred degree of liberalization. The regulatory challenges are complex and technical, with particular countries frequently taking a lead from solutions implemented in other countries in the region.

CEC’s support for our client in Slovakia, Czechia, and Poland over the liberalization of legislation for technology platforms involved initial analysis of existing legislation and stakeholder mapping at country level. Our teams took a deep dive into local regulatory frameworks, and tracked in real time the progress of regulatory proposals as they passed through the machinery of governments and local parliaments. Comparing and contrasting the established and proposed frameworks, our in-house teams advised on legislative and regulatory solutions before communicating them at various levels of governments and parliaments until the amended frameworks were adopted.

As a result of our work the Slovak parliament, for example, passed into law the most liberal legislation in Europe at the time allowing innovative technology platforms to operate with legal certainty.