Our core belief is that the success of any public affairs campaign is only as good as the information and intelligence that forms the basis of our planning and your decisions. We focus on gathering, from a wide range of public and private sources, information on your key economic, political and legislative issues and developments, alerting you in advance to proposed policy measures that affect your interests. Sounding out policy-making circles, we can also provide feedback on attitudes towards you or your competitors. We believe that our intelligence-gathering capability in the region is second to none, ensuring that when we plan your campaign we are aware of all the potential challenges – as well as opportunities – ahead.

We analyse with you your case and the issues to be resolved. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position; the perceptions of officials and elected politicians; your reputation in the media and the broader expert and think-tank community; and the allies and opponents likely to be found among opinion-formers and other public constituencies.

Over the years, we have established unrivalled access to those in media and politics who shape broader attitudes in the decision-making community, and are able to understand what they really think about you – not just what they say in public.