Finely-tuned and directed public relations are a key adjunct of any successful public affairs campaign, and politically targeted communications are crucial for building long-term, valuable relationships. Our team at CEC Communications will identify and access the right journalists on your behalf, as well as organize press conferences, media events, and produce media materials, providing an understanding of your issue among key journalists and editors – and as a result, among decision-makers and influencers.

The digital world is one of radical transparency in which opinions are formulated, disseminated and absorbed in real time, and your own messaging subjected to immediate and radical scrutiny. We also know that today’s times generate potential crises at an unprecedented level. We will prepare your company for crisis situations, and also effectively guide you through any crisis affecting your reputation.

We also advise on corporate positioning and philanthropy, with a view to having your actions and intentions considered on the most advantageous terms. Through understanding the network of charitable bodies we can advise on which activities it would be best for you to focus. We have experience in a range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which will enhance your local reputation, and help you build relationships that last. We also pride ourselves in our contacts with think-tanks and universities, and encourage our clients to engage in the public debates on politics, business and international affairs that will ultimately shape the environment in which their businesses operate.


In Poland, CEC was faced with the challenge of a client in the FMCG sector who was engaged in a legal and media conflict with a competing interest on the Polish market.

Our solution was to engage in communications strategy development and media crisis management, culminating in a communications campaign in the media focusing on the client’s growth and strategic plans on the Polish market.

We also undertook monitoring of the competitor’s communications in the media, developed key messages regarding legal aspects of the conflict, and informed the media about the client’s investment strategy through regular press releases and interviews with the client’s representatives.

As a result, the conflict between the client and the competing interest was settled as a result of legal activities and negotiations, against a drumbeat of media support from the communications campaign.