The success of any public affairs campaign is only as good as the information and intelligence that forms the basis of our planning and your decisions. CEC Intelligence provides you and our in-house teams with in-depth reports and analyses on sectoral, economic and policy issues, as well as real-time alerts on political and regulatory challenges as they emerge. We also take time to look at the broader macro context of the region’s geopolitical environment, understanding that your decisions require not only short-term knowledge but also long-term strategic vision.

We focus on gathering, from a wide range of public and private sources, information on your key economic, political and legislative drivers, and sounding out policy-making circles on attitudes towards you or your competitors. Over the years, we have established unrivalled access to those in media and politics who shape broader attitudes in the decision-making community, and are able to understand what they really think about you – not just what they say in public.

We also deliver bespoke corporate intelligence services for a variety of clients, especially in the private equity and venture capital sectors. Through our broad network of contacts in the worlds of politics, media and business we are able to conduct reputational investigations of potential business partners and targets for commercial acquisition, and provide you with the knowledge that will reduce your risk and increase confidence in your operating environment.

Our Intelligence services are delivered both generically, through subscribable newsletters, or as a bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us directly at for a confidential discussion on how we can provide you with the intelligence and information that keeps you ahead of the curve in a fast-moving and complex political and business environment.


At CEC Prague, we were approached by one of our clients looking for investment opportunities and considering Company Z for acquisition. As part of our complex analysis, we looked into the activities of its parent Company X, as well as the reputation of its major shareholders. Apart from exhaustive open-source analysis, we also interviewed individuals from a wide range of areas, such as business, public administration and the media. This combined approach allowed us to paint a complete picture of Company X and its business background as well as reputation.

In its final report, CEC Prague thoroughly analysed Company X, including its portfolio of business activities and political relations, both within the Czech Republic and also in Slovakia. Based on our research, our client was well-equipped to make an informed decision about his future investment activities.