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POLAND: Senate passes Election Bill

The Senate has finished works on the special election bill. The election bill is to allow a Presidential election under special rules and comes as a result of a resolved conflict between PiS and its coalition partner Agreement. Today the Senate’s amendments will be considered by the Sejm, and the bill will be finally adopted. When it is published, this will allow the Speaker of the Sejm to call the Presidential Election. The likeliest date for the first round of voting is still the 28th of June.

Last week there was much-heated discussion as Senators from the PSL and the Left pushed for the election to be delayed until August. This amendment was withdrawn at the last minute yesterday. The Sejm today will consider nearly forty of the Senate’s amendments to the election law. The most important of those would provide at least ten days for a candidate to register in the election and gather the required 100 thousand signatures. This is a tailor-made amendment for PO’s new candidate Rafał Trzaskowski who may have little time to gather signatures officially. Trzaskowski has been gaining in recent polls, and top PO politicians have argued that the ruling party may attempt to block his run. This, however, does not seem likely at the moment.