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POLAND: Further works on Anti-Crisis Shield

Support mechanisms of the so-called Anti-Crisis Shield are available to entrepreneurs and businesses as of 1 Apil. The package of bills was quickly passed through both chambers of the parliament last week. The intention was to have them signed by the President before the end of March. This was important in regard to certain tax mechanisms, which should only be changed before the beginning of a calendar month.

However, partly as a result of a hasty legislative procedure, the Anti-Crisis Shield was widely criticised for being incoherent and lacking – both in terms of its solutions and the formulation of provisions. In response, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister is preparing a revised version of these provisions – most changes will be adaptive and editorial, and will provide necessary clarifications. Furthermore, the updated version is supposed to bring changes to other existing laws – this will facilitate the functioning of the support measures against other laws. Additionally, the Ministry of Development is working on a new set of support measures, which will complement those already in force. The set of new support proposals is supposed to be the government’s answers to criticisms of entrepreneurs who argued that the initial Anti-Crisis Shield was insufficient for the scale of the crisis. Numerous entrepreneurs voiced their dissatisfaction over the level of available payouts and the criteria for exemptions. Reportedly, amongst other solutions, the government may introduce new, preferential loans for entrepreneurs. According to the agenda of the ongoing Sejm assembly, the chamber is expected to review the proposal of the Development Ministry today.