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POLAND: Wojciechowski accepted as Commissioner

After the second hearing of the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee, Poland’s Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski received a positive recommendation. Hearings of other Commissioner-designates are still ongoing. By 23 October the European Parliament will vote on the full composition of Ursula von der Leyen‘s proposed European Commission. Unless the European Parliament rejects the proposed European Commission in its entirety, Janusz Wojciechowski is now certain of his new position and portfolio.

After an unsuccessful first hearing, experts argued that chances for a positive recommendation for Wojciechowski are becoming smaller. His initial appearance before the European Parliament was deemed too general. However, yesterday’s hearing proved that Wojciechowski quickly adapted to the expectations of the Committee and took a strong stance on the importance of protecting the interests of farmers. Despite initial fears, the Agricultural Committee made its final decision on a factual discussion rather than politics. Wojciechowski’s acceptance for European Commissioner is not a major political win for the ruling PiS party. However, in the run up to the general election it will allow PiS to boast this success and has certainly deprived the opposition of valuable ammunition.