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POLAND: SME Ombudsman

Entrepreneurship Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz proposed Adam Abramowicz to become the first SME Ombudsman. This new entity was created as part of the legal package known as the Constitution for Business – passed earlier this year. The nomination will now require the acceptance of five of the most representative business organizations: the Polish Craft Organization; the Employers of Poland; the Polish Confederation “Lewiatan”; Business Centre Club; and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. They will have 14 days to assess their position. If a positive response is granted, Adam Abramowicz will be appointed to this new position by PM Morawiecki. 
Adam Abramowicz is a PiS MP from Chełm. His parliamentary work is largely focused on issues regarding innovation, entrepreneurships, energy and economy. In the 1990s Abramowicz was an entrepreneur himself and has experience with business organization.
The SME Ombudsman will be responsible for: giving opinions on draft laws regarding micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the principles of conducting business activity; providing assistance in organizing mediation between entrepreneurs and the government; supporting NGOs, social and professional organizations that aim to protect the rights of entrepreneurs in the SME sector; educational and information activities in the field of conducting business in Poland, in particular in the field of entrepreneurship and business law. 
In the past entrepreneurs experienced difficulties in resolving issues with the public administration. This has a stopped many Poles from undertaking business activities. The new office has chance of providing support to entrepreneurs and passing their postulates to the government.