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POLAND: PiS to lay Ground for Elections

In March, poll numbers for the PiS party dropped. The party lost support following a scandal regarding financial bonuses awarded to ministers of PM Szydło’s government, and tensions in relations with Israel and the US. Poll numbers, however, are bouncing back and it is likely that PiS will soon return to its comfortable position with over 40%. 
During the recent United Right Convention,P M Morawiecki revealed reduced insurance contributions for SMEs and plans to drop corporate income tax to 9%. Further social policies were also presented, including: a financial benefit for school children, and premiums for mothers Efforts have been made to thaw international relations. The new Polish Chamber of Commerce was opened in Washington and US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Elizabeth Erin Walsh was a guest in Warsaw. Concessions have also been made on the EU front. 
The party is returning to the socioeconomic policies, which brought it victory in 2015. Deputy PM Gowin, in a recent interview, admitted that the government is ready to make concessions to stabilize relations with Israel and the US. He underlined that further works on the controversial reprivatisation bill, which contributed to tensions with Israel, will not be continued in this parliamentary term. Similar moves have been made in relations with the EU. As the opposition failed to capitalize on PiS’ temporary weakness, the scene is being set for the local elections.