We recognize that you come to us to get your issue communicated or problem solved. We reciprocate with a commitment to provide you with our best expertise, counsel, and dedicated staff to take you through the complex decision-making and political environment that characterizes Central Europe. Our senior management also plays a close supervisory role and is always on hand to provide the strategic advice that you need. It is this focus on quality and diligence that separates us from others in the field.

We are also acutely aware that each client is different and we shy away from a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we focus on understanding your case and developing a relationship of trust that will allow us to operate together seamlessly and professionally.

Having established the facts and authored the scenario for success, we identify the decision-makers you ought to reach and help you prepare your case to the highest standards. Whether you wish to represent yourselves or choose us to undertake advocacy on your behalf, we will ensure the most effective presentation of your message – as well as the most favourable reception. Whether at the level of central or local government, parliament or administration, political parties or advisory institutions, we will initiate a programme of contacts and relationship-building to ensure your message is heard by the right people at the right time.

We spend much time and energy in understanding the real relationships that make decisions happen, looking not only at the formal structures of power in government, parliament and politics, but also at the informal web of personal and party influences that are often as important as the official ones – if not more so. We want to be confident that when we advise you on which interlocutors to meet, you are not wasting your time – or theirs.

Finally, we have pioneered the evolution of public affairs in the region into the digital age, and now deploy a range of communication tools to ensure that your message has the maximum impact. We are “old school” enough to understand that personal relationships matter, but also mindful of the limitations of relying solely on a traditional approach in a fast-moving social-media dominated environment.