Public affairs and political communication are already equally if not increasingly predominantly, digital. As social media and the technology of politics and decision making develop, so we encourage our clients to take advantage of the new forms of communication that can be deployed with policy stakeholders.

Old school public affairs, involving template services of arranging ministerial meetings, is fast being replaced by dynamic, real time digital communication with policy makers, influencers, media and the broader social audience. We have recognized that times have changed – and CEC has changed with them.

Above all we recognize that the digital world is one of radical transparency in which opinions are formulated, disseminated and absorbed in real time, and your own messaging subjected to immediate and radical scrutiny. Increasingly, the distinction between ordinary and crisis communication is becoming blurred – yesterday’s crisis management is today’s daily social media challenge.

Our dedicated digital communications team already have an impressive track record of public affairs campaigns that seamlessly bring together traditional PA techniques with new forms of interaction across platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as new forms of stakeholder interaction including virtual reality. For an example of such a campaign see a sample video here.

Our team will work with you from the beginning to design innovative engagement strategies that deliver returns on your communication investments as well as create, coordinate, evaluate and refine content to deepen engagement. The result will be not only to promote your own messages more effectively and in a more targeted fashion, but also to find and engage your stakeholders across a growing ecosystem of digital and on-the-ground touchpoints.

If you have in-house requirements, we will also help to develop your traditional and digital media communication skills through auditing and improving your social media and public speaking skills.