Over the years we have formed strategic relationships with a range of public affairs and PR companies across Europe, but our core focus is Brussels where decision-making really impacts the future regulatory and legal environment in Central Europe. We are pleased to work with a range of Brussels-based Public Affairs and Public Relations companies as their partners in Central Europe, and to recommend to our clients their services according to the particular case in question.

Having a network of partner companies in Brussels allows us to combine our local public affairs activities in Central Europe with the best possible access to information and intelligence from Brussels. Our clients have seen the value of using the CEC network in Central Europe as a “one-stop-shop” for their PA needs in the Central European member states when managing pan-European PA campaigns on a Brussels issue. In turn, our experience of working with global clients and respected Brussels agencies allows us to fit in seamlessly in cross-border campaigns, meeting the required standards and expectations of our clients.

We also have our own informal network of companies and potential partners in almost every EU country, from Iberia, through Scandinavia, and down to the Balkans and Southern Europe. At your request, we can put you in touch with the partner agency that best suits your needs in every market, and if necessary, then work with them on common projects.