We act to the highest possible standards of ethics and professionalism. Our established reputation, as well as our relationships with local Western Embassies and the expatriate business community, place upon us a responsibility that we are careful to respect and nurture.

We are active locally in promoting ethical business practices, transparency of decision-making and high standards for lobbying. We have been publicly supportive of the need to regulate the local lobbying industries in Central Europe, and work to ensure that the relationship between business and politics is as open and transparent as it can be, with the responsibilities of reporting and regulation being shared equally by public affairs professionals and businesses alike. We are open about who we represent when we approach decision-makers, and we insist our clients adhere to a similar commitment.

Our work for US and UK companies means that we are subject in each case to the requirements of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act. We take the principles of the FCPA and extend it to our activities on behalf of all our clients.

We constantly caution our clients against the illusion that there is a “quick fix” to any regulatory, legislative or administrative decision. We work to the principle that achieving results requires long-term patient engagement and professional communication. Central Europe is no longer the “Wild East” – it is an integral part of Europe where standards and transparency in both business and government need to be upheld if long-term success is to be achieved.