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POLAND: Election Law Passed

The Sejm has adopted the new election law, and President Andrzej Duda already signed it into law. According to statements from top PiS figures, Sejm Speaker Elżbieta Witek will set the election date today. Candidates will be able to register until June 5th and will have until June 10th to gather the required 100 thousand signatures. This will be a decisive moment for PO’s candidate Rafał Trzaskowski. The PO’s campaign team will likely succeed in the next few days, which will provide much impetus for Trzaskowski’s bid. Meanwhile, reports are increasing about disorganization in President Duda’s team. While Duda is still leading in most polls, he is on a downward trend, and his victory in the first round of voting has become unlikely.

Yesterday the Sejm voted on nearly forty Senate amendments to the electoral law. MPs adopted most of the technical suggestions but rejected most substantive ones. Notably, the ruling party accepted a change which shifted some responsibilities from the Ministry of Health to the Electoral Commission (PKW). Now, it will be the PKW which can decide on a local all-postal ballot in areas which are COVID-19 hotspots.