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POLAND: Further tensions on Election Date

Works in the Senate on the new election law have been prolonged by the opposition – especially PSL and Left senators. These parties are hoping to postpone the election until October. A new legal interpretation appeared among some opposition politicians that it would be illegal to organise a vote before the presidential term finishes on August 6th because the constitutional deadline for the election has already passed. The ruling PiS party is adamant that the last possible day for the first round of the voting is June 28th. The leadership of the United Right – Jarosław Kaczyński, Zbigniew Ziobro, and Jarosław Gowin – made a joint statement to avoid speculation on possible tensions. The PO is split on the election with some hoping for a postponement and some arguing that Trzaskowski’s momentum will allow him to win in the second round with Duda in early July. In any case, the opposition’s moves are unlikely to change the electoral calendar. Still, the works of the Senate have indeed been delayed. The election bill was meant to be sent back to the Sejm this week, but the Senate will continue works next week.