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POLAND: Election date still unknown

The parliament did not work on the contested changes to the Election Law on Friday, as previously planned. Following the proposal of Deputy PM Gowin (please see Friday’s CEC Special Update), the ruling camp took the weekend to try and reach a compromise. The decision will likely be made public today, following yesterday’s late-night talks between PiS leader Kaczyński and Gowin. Throughout the weekend Gowin remained adamant that the 10th May election should not take place, but there are many indications that a consensus was reached. Gowin and a few of his MP’s will likely vote against proposals to allow a postal ballot, but the whole party will not be mobilized. Gowin’s amendment to the constitution has nearly certainly fallen through due to a lack of support from the opposition. Still, the growing rift between PiS and Agreement will become more apparent as the coronavirus pandemic continues. While many commentators are still floating a scenario of Gowin’s complete breakaway from the ruling bloc, it is not likely for PiS to lose its majority. Today PM Mateusz Morawiecki will address the parliament to provide an update on the state of the pandemic. This will serve as an opportunity for Morawiecki to regain the narrative; Friday was the first instance when PiS showed weakness during the ongoing crisis.