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POLAND: New Restrictions

Yesterday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski announced the tightening of restrictions in Poland. Most of these come into life as of today. Morawiecki and Szumowski highlighted that the peak of the pandemic has still not been reached in Poland. The restrictions were tightened through the 31.03 Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the limitations, prohibitions, and requirements due to the state of epidemic.
The most important restrictions are:

The requirement to maintain a distance of two metres between all pedestrians at all times, except for parents with children up to 13 years of age or caretakers of the elderly and disabled;
Persons under 18 years of age cannot leave their homes without a guardian;
Further restrictions closing parks, boulevards, beaches, and other publicly accessible recreation areas;
Ban on urban bike sharing / rental services;
Non-essential service businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo parlours etc. are to be closed;
New limitations in shops – three customers will be allowed in to the shop per active till (e.g. nine customers if three tills are working). Similarly, three customers will be allowed per stall in open markets;
Shops now have an obligation to provide gloves to customers who have to wear them while in the shop;
Shops and other service entities will be obliged to disinfect surfaces after each customer (e.g. fuel pumps, pin pads);
DIY stores and building warehouses will be closed as of the upcoming weekend;
Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential shops will only allow customers over the age of 65 between 10 AM and noon;
New regulations in workplaces – a distance of 1,5 metres will have to be kept between employees. The employer will have to provide workers with either gloves or additional disinfectant. This will become the requirement as of 02.04. and be enforced by the State Labour Inspectorate;
Hotels and other accommodation services will be closed except for those providing quarantine shelters and dedicated accommodation for workers
Stricter quarantine rules for those Poles who will be put under quarantine as of today. The given person will have to be put under complete isolation during quarantine (no contact with family members), or the whole household will be quarantined;
All non-critical medical services (e.g. rehabilitation) is suspended.