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POLAND: Competences in State Assets

The roles in the newly-established Ministry of State Assets have been distributed. Deputy PM Jacek Sasin will directly oversee 27 of the most important state-owned companies. The list includes the so-called energy big four (PGE, Tauron, Enea, Energa), Poland’s three largest companies (the fuel giants Orlen, Lotos, and PGNiG) as well as the leading state insurer PZU. The relatively unknown Deputy Minister Tomasz Szczegielniak will become Sasin’s right-hand man. Szczegielniak, a long-time collaborator of the Deputy PM, will be responsible for liaising between the parliament and other government departments.

Deputy Minister Maciej Małecki will be responsible for military firms, the copper giant KGHM and matters of critical infrastructure. This will also provide Małecki with competences over energy investments. Deputy Minister Janusz Kowalski of Solidary Poland will work on reforming ownership oversight and transport companies. Deputy Minister Gryglas, of the Agreement party, received control over nearly 70 smaller firms as to guarantee a balance between PiS’ coalition partners. Deputy Minister Artur Soboń (formerly at Investment and Development Ministry) will deal with financial matters (Stock Exchange and the PKO bank), as well as foreign affairs at the State Assets Ministry. Deputy Ministers Skobel and Dąbrowski meanwhile, will be transferred to the Ministry of Energy within a few weeks.