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POLAND: Confederation's Presidential Candidate

Krzysztof Bosak was nominated as the Confederation’s presidential candidate. In the grouping’s primaries, Bosak gained significantly more votes compared to the other eight candidates. Krzysztof Bosak, despite his young age, has significant experience in the Polish political scene. For the past 15 years, he was active in various right-wing formations, such as the National Movement, the League of Polish Families and the nationalist organisation All-Polish Youth.

In the recent election, the right-wing grouping came in with 11 MPs and broke the monopoly of PiS on the right. While the Confederation has much attention-grabbing potential, tensions within the grouping are becoming increasingly apparent. Krzysztof Bosak’s success was partially the result of unsuccessful attempts to cede the support of KORWiN’s candidates to Grzegorz Braun. Consequently, this led to an unexpected split. Still, the right-wing Presidential candidate will have the potential to partially shape the election campaign of the leading contender President Andrzej Duda. If Andrzej Duda does not sufficiently secure the support of the PiS party’s conservative core, he may lose some support of the more radical right-wing voters in favour of Bosak. Consequently, it appears that Duda is testing waters to build a more politically combatant right-wing narrative compared with the previous strategy to appeal to moderate voters. Still, much depends on internal polling and analyses in the coming months and it may yet turn out that Bosak will be no threat to the PiS-supported incumbent.