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POLAND: Government Reshuffle and Tusk's Visit

Today will be a heated day in Polish politics. Firstly, the post-election government reshuffle ceremony will begin at approximately 10:30 (more in this afternoon’s CEC Update). Secondly, today Poland celebrates the 30th anniversary of its first partially free election. The main political event of these celebrations is a long-awaited speech by European Council President Donald Tusk. Opposition politicians and affiliated commentators have been awaiting this speech since February as a potential announcement of Tusk’s return to Polish politics. This, however, is less likely following the result of the European election. Many believe that the timing of the reshuffle was set to coincide with Tusk’s visit, so as to pry away media coverage from the former PM. Still, today’s developments will be important of the future of the European Coalition under the Civic Platform; Tusk is likely to provide some direction for the opposition but not make a direct comeback. Meanwhile the appointment of several high-profile ministers will provide insight to the strategy Law and Justice is taking ahead of the autumn parliamentary election, as well as the internal balance of power on the United Right.