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POLAND: Post-election Reshuffle Imminent

A number of members of the Sejm and Senate, as well as government ministers have been elected as Members of the European Parliament. According to the Electoral Code, an MEP cannot simultaneously hold any other function in the Polish parliament or the Council of Ministers. Consequently, the elected MEP will be obliged to renounce their mandate in parliament or the Council of Ministers within 14 days after the publication of election results by the State Electoral Committee (PKW). Alternatively, it is possible for MPs not to take their MEP mandate. Vacating a mandate in Polish parliament will trigger the procedure of appointing a new MP or Senator – the person with the next highest number of votes in the 2015 general election. Furthermore, government ministers elected to the EP, will have to be replaced or otherwise, their competencies can be ceded to other ministries or the Prime Minister himself. The latter will not apply to key ministries but it is nearly certain in the case of Deputy PM Szydło and Minister Kempa.

The process of nominating new MPs and Senators is guided by strict rules. The decision on the appointment of new government members lies at the discretion of the ruling party’s leadership, as well as PM Mateusz Morawiecki. Although a government reshuffle has previously been confirmed – and will be necessary – names of replacements and its scope are yet unknown. Commentators argue, that the ruling party may decide to extend the reshuffle to Ministers that did not run for MEP, including: Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska, Foreign Affairs Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, or Sports Minister Witold Bańka. This, however, would be a solely political decision of the bloc’s leadership. Still, there are reports from within PiS that the party leadership was surprised with the extent of its electoral victory and many did not expect certain figures to win a seat, such as Labour Minister Rafalska. Consequently, some last minute arrangements will have to be made.

Elected MEPs currently holding offices in Poland

European Coalition

Andrzej Halicki (MP)
Ewa Kopacz (MP)
Bartosz Arłukowicz (MP)


Joachim Brudziński (Minister of Interior & MP)
Beata Kempa (Member of the Council of Ministers responsible for humanitarian help & MP)
Elżbieta Rafalska (Labour and Social Minister & MP)
Anna Zalewska (Education Minister & MP)
Patryk Jaki (Deputy Justice Minister & MP)
Beata Mazurek (PiS Spokesperson & MP)
Joanna Kopcińska (Government Spokesperson, Secretary of State & MP)
Beata Szydło (Deputy PM & MP)
Andżelika Możdżanowska (Investment Ministry Secretary of State & MP)
Elżbieta Kruk (MP)
Bogdan Rzońca (MP)
Dominik Tarczyński (MP) – Tarczyński will only assume his seat when Brexit happens
Izabela Kloc (MP)
Grzegorz Tobiszowski (Energy Ministry Secretary of State & MP)
Adam Bielan (Deputy Speaker of the Senate)
Witold Waszczykowski (MP)
Krzysztof Jurgiel (MP)