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POLAND: PM Morawiecki on Government Reshuffle

In an interview for the state broadcaster TVP Info, PM Mateusz Morawiecki announced that the rumoured government reshuffle will take place on 26 May at the earliest – most likely, however, throughout the consecutive week. Consequently this means that the changes – according to the PM’s statement – will be made after the European Parliament elections take place and that their results will determine the scope of the reshuffle. PM Morawiecki further reiterated the lack of conflict with Finance Minister Czerwińska and denied speculations of her dismissal. However, suggested potential political decisions of the party’s leadership, which may contribute to the final shape of the reshuffle – as expected, the results of the EP elections will not be the sole factor.

These announcements contradict  a recent statement of the ruling party’s spokeswoman Beata Mazurek who declared that a reshuffle will take place prior to the European elections. The PiS party has been known to probe various scenarios to opt for an optimal strategy. Moreover, the developments of the ongoing teachers’ protest will likely determine the reshuffle scenario, which was supposed to provide the party with valuable campaign momentum.