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POLAND: PiS confirms reshuffle

PiS’ spokesperson Beata Mazurek stated yesterday that a government reshuffle will take place before the European elections. The most certain option at the moment, according to the Rzeczpospolita daily, is a reshuffle of Ministers who are running in the EP elections, sometime close to Easter. These include Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński, Deputy PM Beata Szydło, Education Minister Anna Zalewska, Minister of Labour Elżbieta Rafalksa, and Minister without portfolio Beata Kempa. Out of the above, Zalewska’s dismissal will be most beneficial to the ruling party due to a lack of agreement with protesting teachers. Additionally, Rzeczpospolita argued that the PiS leadership did not manage to convince Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska to remain in government. Her departure, however, might come after the European race. Czerwińska’s case is the most widely-debated potential change as it comes due to a reported conflict on policy rather than elections. Currently, commentators agree that PM Morawiecki himself will take the Finance Ministry until after the parliamentary race in Autumn.