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POLAND: President Macron to visit Poland

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Warsaw in the first half of this year. This will be Macron’s first visit to Poland – he was initially invited by PM Beata Szydło, but the visit later fell through. Mid-february, Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szczerski is expected to conduct a preparatory visit to Paris, where he will meet with Macron’s advisors.

Macron’s electoral victory over Marine Le Pen and his later policies put him at the forefront of European liberal politics. Throughout his term, Macron has proven an opponent of the PiS government in Poland. Under his leadership, France firmly opposes Poland’s judiciary reforms and is one of the main supporters of the rule of law proceedings in Brussels. Poland and France have also clashed on various other matters, including the issue of posted workers.

It remains to be seen what Macron’s visit will bring. Members of Andrzej Duda’s Chancellery have made it clear that they hope for a constructive visit, which will reignite bilateral cooperation and consequently thaw relations. With the European Parliament elections nearing, upcoming post-2020 budget negotiations, and manoeuvres to reshape the political structure of the EP, both Poland and France will be interested in scoping common interests.