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POLAND: Modern retains parliamentary club

The Modern party has managed to retain its status as a parliamentary club after six  of its MPs left the club and joined the Civic Platform – Civic Coalition club. The transfer left Modern with only 14 MPs – 15 are required to form a parliamentary club. The PSL-UED club has announced that it will “lend” an MP – Jacek Protasiewicz – to allow Modern to maintain its club status. The PSL-UED leadership argued that in order to successfully contest the PiS party it is necessary for opposition parties to support each other.

Modern losing its parliamentary club would consequently mean that it would lose many privileges in parliament, such as chairing assignments in committees and offices in the building – weakening the opposition as a whole and most probably leading to Modern’s absorption by the PO or further transfers. At least for now, PSL-UED’s offer bought Lubnauer’s party time, however it remains to be seen whether PO’s Grzegorz Schetyna will continue his play of consolidating opposition forces. It is, however, clear that the recent events have strained the relations between the opposition parties. Ahead of the EP and parliamentary elections this may potentially turn into a leadership race.