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POLAND: PiS Majority in Silesia

At the very end of coalition negotiations, the ruling Law and Justice party managed to get a majority in the Regional Assembly of the Silesian voivodship. Before today, PiS lacked one vote to have a majority and was predicted to give way to the Civic Coalition and PSL. This means that PiS will now govern over 8 regions in Poland, with the opposion also taking 8.
PiS revealed that it convinced a regional parliamentarian from Żory – Wojciech Kałuża, to change his political allegiance. Kałuża, until yesterday a member of the Modern party, was offered the post of the region’s Deputy Marshal. As a result, PiS was able to elect Jakub Chełstowski as the Marshal of the voivodship. Opposition politicians referred to Kałuża’s decision as treason; yesterday’s session of the Silesian regional assembly will certainly be remembered as symbolic in terms of political transfers to PiS 
Now, PiS will be able to rule in one of the most important regions in Poland. Silesia is an industrial and coal-mining hub, and one of the most densely populated voivodships. The ruling party will have the full capacity to implement its election promise – the “Programme for Silesia” announced by PM Morawiecki a few months ago. The agenda includes increasing innovations in extraction industries, transport and infrastructure investments, and lowering emissions in the region.