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POLAND: Sunday trade ban

The Solidarity trade union is advocating for an amendment to the Sunday trade ban bill. The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy has been addressed with the request to extend the ban to 31 hours – shops would be closed between 10 pm on Saturday, until 5 am on Monday. Additionally, the trade union argues that the bill must be made more precise. Currently a number of retail chains are legally giving their shops post office or courier pickup point status – this, according to the current law allows them to remain open.

Trade union representatives declared that the Social Policy Ministry has confirmed works on amendments to the bill, however, these seem unlikely to be expedited. Previously the Sunday trade ban turned-out to be a controversial topic – the Law and Justice party forwarded the bill in exchange for Solidarity’s support during the previous elections. Ahead of the election season the parliament is already working on a number of key laws, such as the bill on Employee Capital Plans. The ruling party will also want to avoid issues which may cause a heated discussion in parliament.