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POLAND: Duda vetoes new EP election law

President Duda has vetoed the amendment bill on the European Parliament election law. During a press conference Andrzej Duda argued that the proposed law will jeopardise the rule of proportionality, leaving a significant number of citizens unrepresented. Additionally, the new rules would facilitate a two-party system, which would lead to an even greater decline in the society’s interest in European Parliament elections. Finally, smaller parties would be forced to form coalitions – this should be a matter of choice rather than necessity, President Duda added.

Smaller parties will certainly be satisfied with the President’s decision. However, this decision may in fact turnout favourable for the ruling party, which may benefit from the fragmentation of opposition parties.

It remains to be seen how the President’s decision will affect his relations with the ruling party. Prior to the veto, the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki argued that the new law simplifies elections and consequently brings them closer to the society. Similar voices of dissatisfaction from the ruling camp have also emerged.