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POLAND: EU Migration Policy

Next week, EU leaders will convene to decide upon a myriad of reforms of the bloc. Migration will be one of the most important topics for many states, as dissatisfaction with the current system has been rising. While the relocation scheme stipulated that Poland should accept around 6200 refugees, Warsaw has not allowed for that. One of the key changes in a draft document prepared for the Council summit foresees the creation of reception centres outside the EU. Poland and Hungary have been pushing this solution in for quite some time. Realistically, the migration issue is returning on the top of the agenda due to political reasons, especially the change of government in Italy. The real migration pressure has been diminishing – Frontex data shows that illegal border crossings have decreased by 56%, compared with last year. Poland’s non-compliance with EU admittance quotas used to be one of the main points of conflict between the PiS government and Brussels. At this moment, however, EU institutions have unofficially admitted that the issue is not worth pursuing and the Rule of Law dispute remains the main point of friction.