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POLAND: VAT Investigation in June

The parliamentary legislative committee voted in favour of establishing the VAT investigative committee proposed by PiS. The committee will be responsible for examining the actions, negligence and omissions of public entities in ensuring the collection of value added tax and excise tax. It will concentrate its efforts on investigating tax services and the Ministry of Finance, as well as, persons employed by theses institutions. The time frame of the investigation extends from 2007 to 2015 – the duration of the PO-PSL government. The Sejm still has to vote on the committee’s establishment. The Speaker will decide whether to include this point in the ongoing session. According to some PiS MPs, the vote will take place no later than the upcoming session – it is expected that the committee will begin preparatory works this month.

The full list of nine members is yet to be decide, however, PiS’ Marcin Horała appears to be a solid candidate for committee’s chairperson. Other potential members include Marek Jakubiak (Kukiz15), Mirosław Pampuch (Modern), and Jakub Stefaniak (PSL-UED). The PO is said to reveal a candidate only when the VAT committee is established. Commentators argue that the VAT committee was designed to target the previous PO-PSL government ahead of the election season. With approximately 5 months before local elections, frequent televised sessions underlining loss of tax profits will play in favour of PiS. As with current parliamentary investigative committees however, there will be a degree of hit and miss.