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POLAND: Iranian Oil & Energy Diversification

A shipment of 130 thousand tonnes of Iranian oil is en route to Poland. The oil, bought by the state-owned PKN Orlen, is due to arrive in the country in mid-April. While Polish authorities would like some form of cooperation with Iran to continue in the future, it is not known whether this will be possible. The US may introduce new sanctions against Tehran, and such concerns are already driving oil prices on exchanges. This shipment, however, is just one of many ways Warsaw is seeking to diversify its energy supply. Last year, the Polish gas giant PGNiG signed a five-year deal for LNG deliveries from the US. Strategic decisions about Poland’s energy future are also imminent – the decision about financing a nuclear power plant project is meant to be made in the coming weeks. Internal works about developing offshore wind power in Poland are also picking up. Still, all these steps are made ad hoc by the government, as a long-term energy strategy has still not been published. Without this document, it will be impossible to say what energy course Poland has chosen for the upcoming years.