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POLAND: FM Debut Speech

On Wednesday, after 71 days in office, Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz made his inaugural speech in the Sejm. Czaputowicz spoke of the importance of the EU, bilateral relations with the UK, Germany, France, Holland and the USA. He stressed the importance of help provided in Syria, and the safe haven Poland creates for Ukrainian migrants. The Minister stressed the significance of international cooperation on various forums and organisations. The Intermarium (Three Seas) Initiative and its benefits for Poland and the region was especially underlined. In reference to the current challenges facing Polish diplomacy, Czaputowicz merely signalled his hope for their resolution.

It seems that Czaputowicz will be a technical Foreign Minister, not involving himself in grand politics, but following the lead of PM Morawiecki and President Duda. Symbolically this was proven by his emphasis on the necessity of cooperation between the Prime Minister, President and Foreign Minister. This is a contrast to the strained relation between President Duda and the previous FM Waszczykowski, who safeguarded his policy area from the President’s interference. Notably, the speech received little attention from the ruling party, with many PiS MPs and party leader Jarosław Kaczyński missing. Above all, Czaputowicz’s speech was an endorsement of Poland’s current foreign policy, a recap of current activities and priorities, providing no new policies.