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POLAND: Polish-American Leadership Summit

Over this weekend, representatives of public administration, business and academia met in Miami, Florida for the Polish-American Leadership Summit. Notable guests and participants included Polish Minister of Investment and Development Jerzy Kwieciński, Ian Brzeziński, as well as George Friedman, and Minister Anna Maria Anders.

The forum was an opportunity for Minister Kwieciński to convey his policy vision to an international business audience – in line with promises to attract US investments. In recent years, Poland has increased its exports to the US – the majority of trade focused on various industrial-use machinery. This trend will continue in the nearest future. As Poland’s economic capabilities increase, it will aim to become a strategic trade partner for the US. However, for the time being, Poland requires US support in modernizing its production capabilities. It is PiS’ hopes that exports over the Atlantic will increase significantly, but there is few major proposals.

Some commentators in Poland have dubbed the Summit a new opening in Polish-US trade relations. Ruling PiS party figures have underlined that it is key to begin putting emphasis on areas of cooperation other than defence and security, in relations with Washington. In terms of domestic narratives, Warsaw frequently reiterates good relations with President Trump’s administration, compensating for its colder interactions with the EU.