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POLAND: President Duda signs IPN bill

President Andrzej Duda decided to sign the bill on the Institute of National Remembrance into law (analysed in the 02.02 CEC Weekly). However, the controversial articles have been directed to the Constitutional Tribunal, which will determine their legality in reference to freedom of speech and expression. Until the Tribunal reaches a verdict, said articles will not be enforced. Throughout last week, Poland and Israel engaged in a dispute regarding article 55a of this bill, which Israel argued may infringe the freedom of speech in debates on Holocaust events. President Duda was under pressure from both sides to take contradicting actions. The decision was a compromise in a bid to temporarily satisfy voters, and Poland’s international partners. Duda’s decision received a comparably unflustered reaction from Israel – a sign that tensions will be eased for the time being. Still, the fate of the questioned articles will have to be resolved. Following a ruling, the bill is likely to be amended and tweaked through regulations. The particular provisions of the bill will be provided in this afternoon’s Legislative Update.