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POLAND: State-owned energy giants may change hands

According to information of the rmf.fm radio, the formal control over certain state-owned energy giants may change hands. It is said that Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, of the newly-created Entrepreneurship and Technology Ministry, will appoint new management to companies such as Tauron, Energa, or the Polish Energy Group (PGE). This move would put more direct control over energy matters closer to PM Morawiecki, who does not have a great working relationship with the current Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski. Such a move is also meant to speed up decisions to create a nuclear power plant in Poland or pass the electromobility bill. If Emilewicz indeed takes oversight of these companies, it is likely that they will focus more efforts on renewable energy sources in place of coal. Still, the final decision on whether Emilewicz would get these competences has not yet been made. Similarly, to the decision on whether she will take over digitisation efforts. If so, her Ministry would become one of the more powerful and diverse.