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POLAND: Petru aims to unite the opposition

Former Modern party leader Ryszard Petru announced the creation of new association “Plan Petru”. He hopes the movement will be a platform for a counter-proposal to the government’s long-term growth strategy – the Morawiecki Plan. Since Katarzyna Lubnauer replaced Petru as leader of the party, his future in politics was not clear. The “Plan Petru” will also be part of an effort to unite the opposition parties. Petru has already made an offer to all opposition parties, but also plans to include other public, politically-involved movements. Apart from a few deals regarding local elections, so far, grand attempts to unite the opposition parties have largely failed. The concept of a United Opposition has circulated the media for a number of months. Still, the PO and Modern have frequently declared their will to work together, but remain reluctant in formalising this cooperation. It is hard to weigh Petru’s chances in achieving his associations goal. On one hand, forming a separate entity to unite all opposition parties might prove easier in terms of negotiations, especially that PiS’ position strengthens by the day. On the other hand, Petru has failed to keep control of his own party and many agree that he lost most of his political capital.