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CZECHIA: New Chamber of Deputies and its Committees

The tacit coalition comprised of ANO, SPD and KSCM, having in total 115 MPs out of 200, dominated the constituent meeting of the new Chamber of Deputies and the election of its leadership. In addition, ANO, SPD and KSCM will chair the most of the important committees. After emotional discussions, Radek Koten (SPD) will become a chairman of the Security Committee. The most controversial chairman has been deeply criticised due to his anti-EU and anti-NATO attitudes and activities on Facebook. Another important committee will be also chaired by SPD; former MP of Civic Democrats (ODS) Radim Fiala will chair the Economic Committee. Despite the election slump, KSCM will chair crucial Budgetary Committee (Miloslava Vostra) and also the Mandate and Immunity Committee with a controversial conservative Communist Stanislav Grospic. Importantly, this committee will once again review the police request to strip Babis and the ANO’s chief whip Jaroslav Faltynek of their immunity. Taking into account ANO, SPD and KSCM alliance and their majority in basically all the committees, Babis and Faltynek might not be released for the police investigation. Regarding other influential committees, Christian Democrat Ondrej Benesik will remain the chairman of the Committee for EU Affairs, Jana Cernochova (ODS) will chair the Defence Committee and the leader of the Pirates Ivan Bartos will become a chairman of the Committee for Public Administration and Regional Development that is also responsible for e-government (the rumours that a separate e-government committee will be created have not materialised).