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POLAND: Government reshuffle nearing a conclusion

The announcement of a government reshuffle took place at the beginning of November, but speculations on this matter have recently toned down in favour of the judiciary and electoral reforms currently undergoing the legislative process in Parliament. Comments made by key political figures in the PiS suggest that the changes are likely to be officially announced this week, however, no later than by the 21 December 2017. Since the initial announcement, a number of new names have circulated the media, still, none seem certain. Wariness is now also reaching some coalition partners of PiS. In an interview, Patryk Jaki  (Solidarna Polska), said that if Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of Solidarna Polska loses his position, the party is likely to leave the ruling coalition. Consequently PiS would have less votes in Parliament, and may lose parts of its electorate.

The issue of the government reshuffle has had an affect on the functioning of many sectors in Poland. Private sector decisions, which depend on the government are being postponed to include new variables, resulting of the upcoming changes. Ongoing speculations fuel the uncertainty,  slowing down the decision making process, which if prolonged could have a negative affect on economic figures. In light of the motion of no-confidence proposed by the PO, PiS is likely postponing any announcements, so the argument cannot be made that PO initiated or influenced the reshuffle. Nonetheless, the conclusion of the reshuffle would certainly see the return of political stability.