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POLAND: Plans for a Central Airport

The Central Communication Hub (CCH) is meant to be one of the flagship accomplishments of Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki’s Strategy for Responsible Development. Morawiecki argued that, according to research, there should be a major airport between Łódź and Warsaw that would be able to support international transit. Recently, the location of the hub was announced to be 40 km from Warsaw, in the Baranów municipality. Mikołaj Wild, the Government’s Plenipotentiary for the CCH, ensured that 10 years to complete the entire project would be sufficient. The investment will be financed by the Polish Development Fund and the Development Bank, although PiS leaders previously spoke of attracting Chinese investment. Wild has not revealed any official investors of this project, but made it clear that there are numerous interested parties.

According to government plans, this airport will be able to service 45 million passengers every year. The CCH project assumes that a total of 4 runways will be built initially. The area for these runways and the CCH are estimated at 3,000 hectares. Currently, this consists of fields and small villages, but this may still ensue expropriation issues, which can prove costly and time consuming. Still, it is clear that for the CCH to work, it is necessary to build supporting infrastructure. Plans are drawn to build a high speed railway connection to the CCH within the 10 year time-frame, but this may have to be done without the EU’s financial support if the project does not fall under the transeuropean railway corridor TEN-T.